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Introducing account roles and account settings

Anna Meehan
Anna Meehan 20 December 2021

You'll have better control over your Equals Money account with the launch of account roles and account settings.

What’s new?

Up until now, almost everyone on an Equals Money account has been able to view and perform all the same actions. We’ve changed this by adding account roles to the platform. account roles will allow you to allocate specific roles to people within your Equals Money account, providing them access to only see and do specific things within the system based on the amount of control you want them to have.

We’ve also released account settings, which allows certain people with more control to configure settings which impact the entire account. This is an early version, and we’ll be adding plenty more later.

What’s included with the new features?

Account roles

We’ve launched five account roles with one more to introduce later which will accompany some additional new features:

Primary owner

Primary owners have view and edit access to all functionality in the platform, and they also have access to account settings where they can activate/deactivate certain features.  Primary owners can’t be deactivated. Your company account must always have an active Primary owner, and only one person within your company can hold this role at any given time. The role can be transferred to another active Owner by the current Primary owner.


Owners have the same permissions as the Primary owner, but they can be deactivated on the account.


Admins have view and edit access to all functionality in the platform except for “view only” access to account settings.


Payers can add beneficiaries and make payments from your account. They don’t have access to any settings or permissions.


Viewers have view access to all functionality in the platform except account settings. Viewers don’t have any edit access, nor can they make transactions within your company account.

User (Coming soon)

Users can’t view or edit anything at account level or make payments. When we release the User account role, you’ll be able to assign them additional roles for Balances and Cards.

Account settings

This feature will allow people with the necessary permissions to configure settings that will impact the entire Equals Money account. This is a very early version with a lot more to come.

As we release more settings that make managing your money even simpler, this is where they’ll live. 

What are the benefits of these features?

With account roles and account settings, you’ll have greater control over who can see and do what within your Equals Money account. Additionally, you’ll be able to add less senior people to your account to carry out tasks such as transaction reconciliation with the comfort that they can’t move money or change settings.

If you have any questions about account roles and account settings, please get in touch.

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