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Key dates in the economic calendar: September 2022

Anna Meehan
Anna Meehan 02 September 2022

For better or for worse, major political and economic events will affect currency and the movement of exchange rates. Recent events ranging from stand-alone incidents such as the resignation of the prime minister and the Bank of England rate hike announcements to long-standing troubles due to Brexit and Covid cause rates to become volatile and currency to fluctuate. These fluctuations can cut into a business’ profit with unfavourable exchange rates leading to losses. 

You can’t control what happens in the market - but you can control how you manage volatility and take care of your company. One of the things you can do is look ahead to key dates in the economic calendar to try to predict changes.  

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Economic calendar 



These are the major dates to look out for during the month of September 2022 that might affect any international payments:

5/9/22 - British Prime Minister decision (GBP) 

7/9/22 - BoE Monetary Policy Report Hearings (GBP)

8/9/22 - ECB Press Conference (EUR) 

13/9/22 - CPI m/m (USD) 

14/9/22 - CPI y/y (GBP) 

19/9/22 - Bank holiday: HM Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral (GBP)

21/9/22 - FOMC Press Conference (USD) 

22/9/22 - MPC Official Bank Rate Votes (GBP) 

30/9/22 - Core PCE Price Index m/m (USD) 

What do these dates mean? 

What these events have in common is their ability to affect the market. These effects will all be different, and it’s impossible to predict how exactly foreign exchange will react. However, what’s for certain is that any kind of major political or economic events, regardless of outcome, can have knock on effects on currency and lead to rate volatility. 

Volatile exchange rates can substantially affect the value of a company or business’ assets denominated in foreign currencies, which in turn can have a serious impact on any potential profit. Even if a company doesn’t export their products, if they operate within a globally competitive industry, changes in exchange rates can still affect operating profits.

You can read more about rate volatility and what it means for your business here.

Hedging solutions and how we can help

At Equals Money, we offer a number of tools to help your business manage challenges around currency fluctuations associated with major world events. Not only do you get a dedicated account manager who will monitor the markets for you and alert you to any movement in your chosen currency pairings, but you’ll also have a range of hedging options at your disposal to combat an unstable market.

For instance, one of the services we offer is what’s called a forward contract. Simply put, a forward contract allows your business to fix an exchange rate for a future overseas payment. You can lock in an exchange rate for typically up to 12 months, and the fixed rate is protected from any future currency movements in the market. This means you know exactly the exchange rate you’re getting for a set time, which helps you predict cash flow and forward planning and budgeting.

You can read more about forward contracts here.

The instability of the current political and economic climate can make it difficult to stay on top of your business finances. By looking ahead to key dates and letting Equals Money help you manage the risk associate with foreign trade, you can worry less about what’s happening in the outside world and instead focus in on your business.

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