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Together with Equals Money – ICAS

Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin 25 March 2021

Given the challenges that most organisations have faced over the last year, managing cashflow and business spending efficiently has never been more important. That’s why we are delighted to be partnering with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, or ICAS – helping to save their members time and money on their international payments and business expenses.

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As the world’s first professional body of Chartered Accountants, ICAS is a regulator, educator and thought leader for the business community. With more than 22,000 members worldwide, ICAS provides expert services and support to Chartered Accountants throughout their professional lives.

Having such a vast membership base working across a wide range of industries, there was demand for ICAS to find a flexible, expert and tailored money management solution. Not only that, but with an array of international members that work everywhere from Calgary to Cape Town, a cross-border payments solution was also a necessity.

Amy Forsyth, Partnerships Manager at ICAS said; “Having such a global community, we needed to offer our members a way to send money overseas with the least amount of trouble, whilst also being cost-effective.”

Through Equals Money, ICAS members can access some of the best exchange rates available and choose exactly how they want to send money overseas, thanks to our wide range of payment options. 

More tailored solutions are also available through our dedicated team of currency experts who can guide businesses through turbulent currency markets and find the payment solution that best meets their needs.

“The last 12 months have proven how unpredictable the world, and markets, can be. Thankfully ICAS members now get access to our currency experts who are here to help mitigate the risk.”

John Kinghorn, VP Partnerships at Equals Money

The ultimate goal for ICAS is to empower businesses to grow through investing in their future, in the form of training a Chartered Accountant.

This goal aligns seamlessly with our own pursuit of making it simpler for businesses to manage and move money around the world, so they can grow new partnerships, client bases and supply chains.

As businesses grow and expand their reach, there comes the pleasant problem, but added complication, of managing expenses. Whether it’s new software subscriptions, international trips or hosting events, expenses are part and parcel of expansion and global business.

Through a real-time online platform, secure prepaid cards and a mobile app, our expense management solution takes the stress out of managing expenses for finance teams whilst their teams work around the world. 

“We want to enable growth for our business members and Equals Money offer the tools for them to do just that.”

Amy Forsyth, Partnerships Manager at ICAS 

Working with organisations like ICAS and their broad network of members is exactly what the Equals Money partnership programme was designed to do.

We want to change the way the business world manages and moves money, but can’t do it on our own. Through the support of our partners, we’re able to help companies of all shapes and sizes, from a variety of industries, grow and build for the future.

Speaking on the partnership, John Kinghorn, VP Partnerships at Equals Money said; “We’re excited about what the future holds for ICAS and we look forward to supporting their members with their money management.”

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Learn more about our expense management solution or expert international business payments and how we are able to tailor our solutions to your needs.