Equals Money – what we’ve changed and why

Equals Money – what we’ve changed and why

This year has been a challenging one for businesses around the world, and has required us all to adapt to new conditions – changing consumer behaviour, interruptions to supply chains, and new ways of working.

During this time, we’ve never lost sight of our mission to help you and your business get more for your money. It’s the constant pursuit of this mission that brings us here today as we introduce you to our refreshed name and logo, our new website and a couple of new services for your business to take advantage of.

We are what we do 

Last year we launched Equals – the B2B brand of the Equals Group. The name ‘Equals’ was grounded in the idea that incremental changes all add up to equal more – smoother cash flow, simplified money management and smarter processes. 

Those principles still stand and the name Equals remains, we’ve just added ‘Money’ to ensure our logo encompasses exactly what we do, and add meaning to our identity. 

From travel money to money transfers, currency hedging to expense management, we combine advanced payments technology with expert personal service to help you manage your business’s global cash flow, simply and cost-effectively.  

Refining our website

Our new website brings you closer to our services and to our team. We showcase the products and platforms that are available to you and your business, detailing how you can benefit from each along with testimonials from some of our 10,000+ business customers.

You’ll also see a few of our team on the new website too. Here at Equals Money we pride ourselves on our currency expertise and personalised support. We don’t hide behind automated emails or third party call centres, we provide a dedicated service that is tailored to the needs of our customers. So why not get familiar with the faces behind everything that we do, from our Chief Economist to our customer service team.

Speaking of our Chief Economist, you can sign up to our daily market reports or read through some of our longer articles on the Equals Money blog. From the upcoming US election, to what expenses might look like in a post-Covid world, all our expert content is ready and waiting for you to dive into on the new site.

Adding more to our business offering

The changes we’ve made go beyond an updated logo and a new website. We’ve added two new platforms that enable your business to make better payments and service your clients like never before. 

Our payment platform gives your business access to the UK Faster Payments network, allowing you to make domestic payments instantly. This means real-time settlement and automated processing which leaves you more time to focus on what matters – growing your business.

Our broker platform allows other currency brokers in the UK and overseas, to use our international payments platform for their clients, meaning that we are able to support a wider range of industries and businesses through a network of specialist brokers. 

We’re excited to launch both these platforms, and look forward to expanding our product portfolio further to serve your business even better.  

Thanks for reading and welcome to Equals Money.

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Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

Adam is part of the Marketing team at Equals Money and oversees content and communications for the business. When he’s not at his computer, you will most likely find him trialling some Dad jokes on unsuspecting audiences in and around central London.